This blog was first created in 2010 to support a research work discussing social media and their value for the cinema industry. This page is the abstract of the work: the questions Florence tried to answer, the methodology she used, and the first conclusions she drew. >> Read the research abstract!

Research Title: “Facebook and the Cinema”

Research Purpose: “Assessing the Value of Facebook Fan Pages and its Impact on Facebook Users’ Behaviors toward Movie Consumption”

Research Question: What is the impact of Facebook Fan pages on Facebook users’ attitudes and behaviors toward movies and their related consumption? And how can companies drive consumers to legally consume their movies?

Research Methodology: Using an inductive approach, constructs were identified from a comprehensive literature review and data was collected from survey questionnaires administrated to students (N=200). A model was proposed from the combination of the Technology Acceptance Model and Theory of Planned Behavior.

Research Findings: Simple regressions showed that all the hypotheses are accepted: the perceived value of the Facebook fan page, the attitude toward behavior, perceived pressure, and perceived risk help explaining the formation of the behavioral intention. However, only the perceived value of the Facebook fan page and the perceived risk actually predict the formation of the users’ intention to behave.

>> Read the research presentation!

Research Limitations: The study evaluated self-reported behavioral intentions and could therefore have introduced inaccuracies. Moreover, the list of proposed solutions is not exhaustive, and further research can be needed.

Practical Implications: Findings will help movie marketers to address the key aspects which influence consumers’ behavioral intentions toward movies and their related consumption. Solutions were proposed to increase the value of the Facebook page while reducing ‘risk’ messages.

Originality: This research is unique in the sense that the theory of Planned Behavior and the Technology Acceptance model have never been tested jointly in the context of Facebook Fan pages as the technology and the cinema industry as the market.

>> Read the full report here!

For more information about the thesis, please email Florence!
For more information about the thesis’ directors, please check this page.


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