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Social Media Strategy: where to start?

Social Media Strategy: everybody is talking about it, but do you know where to start?

Whether you are a multinational company or a local business, there are many good reasons to start a social media strategy. The first question is: what are your reasons? There is no point in rushing and creating social networking accounts on every possible channel if you don’t know what to do with them.

Social Media Value One advice a week - Copie
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Become a social detective

Everybody talks about social media as the new revolution for marketing, communication, sales and even recruitment activities. I agree that social networks are wonderful tools with many diverse purposes (and I will write other articles on these purposes very soon). But, what if you don’t see the need to use social media for visibility, sales or recruitment? What if you wish to remain silent online?

Become a social detective by Florence Poirel

Don’t be afraid of silence: become a social detective!

You may not see the need to promote your business online, but there are many other ways to use social networks. I will focus on the three main networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) but the ideas below can obviously be true for any social network.
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Twitter basics for businesses and individuals


Many social media experts talk about Twitter and how essential it can be for your marketing strategy. Is Twitter the right network for your personal brand or your company? That, I don’t know. But if you decide to get started, here are some advices.

Discover the 5 basic steps!


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The power of Social Media: Facebook and the Cinema Industry

Facebook is one of the first social media used worldwide. From community builder to marketing tool, everybody can find what he or she needs. Another worldwide media is the Cinema and its power on so many different populations is undoubtable.

Do you like the Cinema? Do you have a Facebook account?

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Never Leave Home

One amazing thing about Internet? It helps you do anything and everything from home! From feeding yourself to meeting people, you can do it all from your couch.

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Does Social Media Enhance Purchase Intention?

Why would a company go into Social Media Marketing? What does creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account bring to the company? What is the organization’s goal?

For some companies, being on the different platforms is just a way to say :”I’m here” but without any specific strategy. They don’t want to be left behind.

For some other companies, creating a Facebook page is a way to listen to customers via their comments, to engage with them through posts, questions, polls and contests, to “feel the mood” and assess their own brand reputation and valuation.

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Which Social Network do you use daily?

Our utilization of Social Networks may be very different according to our status and/or occupation.

Student or Professional? Entry level worker or Top manager? Single or Married? Male or Female?

What are your status and occupation? and Which Social Network do you use daily?

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The Rise of Social Media

“Those who still think that social network users are too busy engaging with friends to notice marketers must change their viewpoint. Brand interactions are real, valuable, and growing.”
Debra Aho Williamson, Senior Analyst
eMarketer, 6/8/10

The Society of Digital Agencies1 reported in the 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook that “social network-related marketing” is the 2010-2011 first concern amidst senior marketing executives. It is even considered as more important than email and mobile marketing, search optimization and other digital marketing campaigns.

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