Florence Poirel

YouTube Policy Specialist and Digital Marketing Strategist

Educate – Communicate – Innovate

Personal motto: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”


Florence is working as Child Safety Policy Specialist for YouTube in Dublin, Ireland. Her role entitles the development and enforcement of principled, scalable and adaptable content policies to protect minors on the platform.

✔ Protect Freedom of Expression

✔ Ensure Child Safety on the platform

✔ Revolutionize Online Content Review

✔ Interpret high-level policies into concrete and enforceable guidelines and propagate this feedback and training across a global team

Florence is an open-minded and enthusiast individual. She believes in passion, ability and hard-work. She truly believes that respect, empathy and generosity are the keys to a satisfying and successful career. She strives for ethical business environments where employee empowerment is more than just words.

She is also a Social Media Enthusiast. She writes about personal branding, digital networking, community building and how social media can help companies and individuals increase their visibility and create engagement. She also writes about e-recruiting and online job search.

On Twitter

Do you want to know more?

Florence is particularly active on the web, and you can find her on many different social networks.

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You can also reach her by email or on Linkedin.


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