Twitter basics for businesses and individuals

30 Mar


Many social media experts talk about Twitter and how essential it can be for your marketing strategy. Is Twitter the right network for your personal brand or your company? That, I don’t know. But if you decide to get started, here are some advices.

The following tips are true for both businesses and individuals.

1) Get out of your shell

Even though eggs are pretty cute, the first thing to do is to add your company logo or profile picture. Remember that this image is your first recognition sign! It is also the primary way to differentiate your profile from other egg heads.

2) Add a straight username

Forget funny pseudonyms and create your Twitter account under your real name such as:
– User name: Florence Poirel (i.e. for individuals) / Spicy Orangees (i.e. for businesses)
– Twitter: @FlorencePoirel / @SpicyOrangees

Many people use a different user name and Twitter pseudo. For instance, if I wanted to highlight this blog instead of myself, I could keep Florence Poirel as a username but switch my pseudonym to @socialmediavalue.

The question is: what do you wish to promote? Do you want to promote yourself as an individual (if you are the founder or CEO of the company) or your business? There is no right or wrong answer. If the Twitter account is supposed to promote your brand and your brand only, then keep the username and pseudonym identical.

It is also important for search engine and social media optimization. The more coherent your social accounts, the more visibility for your pages. Your personal name or brand name is the first keyword you need to optimize; it is therefore the first name you should use!

3) Add a complete description

Introduce yourself or your business as clearly as possible so that Twitter users understand what who you are, what you do or what you tweet about from the first read. And add your website or blog in your description!

This is actually a very important point and here is why: when you look at someone’s twitter profile, you see their complete details as:

Full profile

On this picture, both your description and the addition link and location (last line) are visible. But here is what happens when people see your profile from another user’s followers (or followings) list:

short profile

The location and extra link informations disappeared. Therefore, if you wish people to be able to click on your company or personal website from any places on Twitter, remember to add your link in your description!

4) Add your location and website

Add your location so that people know where you are from and where to find you. If you are a local business, enter city + country. If you have only domestic activities, then add only the country. And if you’re global, then say so! Some users also enter their coordinates or humorous locations such as “my grandparents’ ceiling” or “next door”.

Add your personal/company website or blog. You can choose to promote a different website than the one added in your description. For instance, you can add your website into your description and your blog in the ‘Website’ section. Therefore you can highlight two different links equally important to your business or personal brand. Remember that this link will only be visible when people actually click on your profile (a lower conversion rate is to be expected).

5) Customize your header and background pictures

Be careful with the pictures you upload. I would advise you to design pictures specifically for Twitter.

– Backgrounds images should take into account the fact that most of the image is hidden behind the main stream. you should therefore focus on the left side. Remember also that screens are not the same size: when a picture looks good on your computer, it may be entirely hidden on somebody’s else.

– Header images are also pretty tricky as your avatar is in the middle of the top third of your header. You should create an image around it. Don’t be afraid to be creative, this is actually the best place for that!

Stay tuned for Part 2: How to tweet correctly!

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