5 good reasons to refresh your headline!

05 Dec

First let me tell you a quick story.

Two days ago, I sent an internship offer to some of my connections on Linkedin and Viadeo, as I often do. And as I always do, I opened one tab with the message box and another one with my connections’ list, allowing me to select connections directly from there according to their ‘title’ (or headline).

My target for this kind of messages is clear: bachelor students, graduating students and even young graduates. My selection is therefore simple: any connection with the headline ‘student’, ‘young grad’, ‘seeking internship’ from my list is included.

I sent out the internship offer to an average of sixty people on both networks. I also included the regular notes: “Even if you are not interested in this particular offer, feel free to pass it along your friends” and “If you do not wish to receive these messages anymore, please send me a note”.

I got two results. The first one: some people sent out their applications. Great! (But quite expected…) The second one: a few people sent notes saying that they were not looking for internships or jobs anymore and, even though it was nice of me, they did not wish to receive such messages anymore.

The fact that they do not wish to receive the emails anymore is not the problem. The real problem is that, according to their headline (and sometimes even entire profiles), I had no clue they actually had found a position and were not seeking one anymore.

Thus, here are 5 good reasons to refresh your headline and update your profiles.

1. Prevent yourself from unwelcome messages

Don’t bother with undesirable news! When sending out mass emails, senders often do not research your profile in details in order to know if yes or no the information is appropriate. Updating your information will prevent you from unwelcome messages, because your profile will not be listed in the wrong column (students, graduates, managers, directors, freelancers…) Once your headline is updated, undesirable notifications should decrease!

2. Receive real opportunities

Don’t take the risk to miss out on amazing opportunities because your profile is not up to date! What if one of your connections gets a great shot in your industry, but do not share it with you only because she/he did not even know you were evolving in that same industry? Make sure to receive all the best deals = clearly display your position, location and industry on your profiles.

3. Keep your network informed

Don’t mislead your connections! Even if you do not take the time to send out individual emails or mass emails to your contacts to let them know about your new job or recent promotion, add it distinctly on your profile so that your network do not get confused. If they want to know what your current situation is, they will visit your page and be able to see by themselves.

Another important point: your former company may not want you to mislead their partners by letting everybody thinks you are still working for them. Do not upset your previous employers!

4. Show your evolution

Don’t hold it back! Don’t you want to show your peers, partners, potentials clients and else that you are successful in your career and that you move forward? Promote your personal and professional development: keep your information accurate!

5. Save your connections the trouble

Don’t waste people time and energy! Not that I do not appreciate the opportunity to exchange news and discuss your new position, but I would as well focus on the real target. Also, even though I am always willing to help my peers, it sometimes scares me to see how many young people are jobless or really struggle to find an internship when some of them are actually already settled. Keep our mood up, let us know!

5′. Visibility[Added on Saturday, December 12th]

I shared this article in one of my Linkedin groups and got very interesting insights from my connections. @StephaneLoiret, Operation Strategy Director at Alstom Transport, and inspiring Blog writer on Executives Career Transition and Management 2.0 ( identified another (very) good reason to refresh your headline, and it is visibility! I quote: “fresher is the headline, higher gets the ranking in Google searches”. Indeed fresher your information and details, better your visibility. It is also a good reason to update and feed your profiles on a regular basis. Do not create an account if you do not intend to connect with people, share news, or update your profile.

I’m looking forward to seeing your new headlines! Have a great week, Florence

Any remarks or questions, email me!


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