Could Twitter help your job search?

30 Sep

If you are looking for a job, it is essential to promote your online presence, efficiently and to the right people. Creating professional profiles such as Linkedin, Huzz or Xing profiles is the first step. Building your community and sharing content with this community is the second step.

The difficulty with building your network is that you may not feel comfortable with asking people to connect with you. Being connected on Linkedin is a two-way relationship: you send a connection request to someone and that someone must accept it for you to be connected.

This is the most exciting attribute of Twitter: there is no obligation of a two-way relationship. Mutuality is not required. On Twitter, you are free to follow people you don’t know, as well as strangers are free to follow you, as long as your profile is set up that way.

This is therefore the perfect place to scan companies and recruiters activities: what are their industry’s trends or company’s concerns? But this is also the place to show your expertise by sharing articles you read or write about a specific subject.

This article explains how to create a Twitter account and how to use it. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any question!

1)      What about the Twitter account?

Twitter is a social network like many others in the way that it allows you to share information with a wide audience, as long as you tweets are not protected. If you use Twitter for personal purposes, then make sure to lock your account and to accept only friends. I would advise you to create the personal account under a pseudonym and share this profile with your friends only.

How? To do so, go to “settings” > “account” > “Tweet privacy” and check the box: “Protect my Tweets“

2)      Create a professional-looking account

Create your professional Twitter account under your real name such as:

– User name: Florence Poirel
– Twitter: @FlorencePoirel

Make sure to keep your friends out of this profile and to open your tweets for anyone to read.  Also make sure to monitor your accounts carefully as not to tweet your last party feedbacks on your professional account.

How? For those of you who do not already have a Twitter account or wish to update it, here are some easy steps to create one:

– Create a Twitter account on with your full real name and the email address you use for your job search ( and apply to jobs from.

– On the top right of the screen, go to “settings” > “account” and complete your profile with this email address and check the box: “Let others find me by my email address”. Therefore, recruiters who already received a message from this email address will be able to find your Twitter account.

– Do NOT check the box: “Protect my Tweets“

– Then, go to “settings” > “email notifications” and check all the boxes. Now, you can be certain to receive an email if somebody “retweet”, “reply”, or “mark as favorite” one of your tweets, as well as if someone follows you or send you direct messages.

The objective is to be visible to as many people as possible and to follow up with users as they interact with your profile.

3)      Customize your profile

How? Go to “settings” > “profile” and add your profile picture (the one that you used for your paper résumé or your Linkedin account). This picture must be professional: no sunglasses, no bathing suit, or any other fancy items.

– Add a link toward your most relevant online profile: either your Linkedin account, or your personal website.

– Add a short biography with trustful information such as your current or expected job title, the subjects you will tweet about, your passions, etc.

– Do NOT write your current company name in this short description for two reasons: if you are currently employed and actively looking for another job, keep the connections to your company as limited as possible.

You can link your Twitter account to your Facebook account. What does it do? The tweets that you post on Twitter will also appear on your Facebook profile. Therefore, if you created a professional Facebook profile without the funny pictures and crazy comments, then feel free to link your accounts. You can link your professional Twitter account to the professional Facebook account and do the same for your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. The most important point is to deliver the specific content to the right audience.

4)      Use the last trendy settings

Twitter recently added the possibility for users to customize their header. Therefore you can either have the “old”, regular profile:

 Or the new one such as:

How? Go to “settings” > “design”. You can customize your header: the picture behind the text; you can also customize the background.

The objective is not so much to impress with creative designs, but to mark the spirits.

5)      What should I share and how often?

The content of your tweets depends on your industry and your area of expertise. If you wish to work in the pharmaceutics as an engineer, you can tweet about the news of the pharmaceutical industry and about the last engineering research related to the industry. Show that you are truly interested in the companies’ environment.

If by any chance you are writing a blog, or articles, about the subject, Twitter is a great way to promote them. You do not need to be experienced to share relevant content. You just need to be passionate so show your expertise!

There is no empirical rule about how many tweets you should share. It depends on your audience and your objective. But, if you wish to be visible in the news feed of you target audience, you should study the frequency and the number of tweets they share and see what the best time to reach them is.

If you wish to use Twitter in your job search, these are the first two steps: create an account and start sharing content. The following step is using Twitter as an application mean, also called “tweetsumé”. This will be the subject of my next article.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to reading your tweets! Don’t hesitate to address me one @florencepoirel when you create your account!


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