He saw me. He liked me… He called me!

22 Aug

Hello everyone!

I hope your week started well. Ready for the second part of my story? Here it comes!

As I wrote last week, I was contacted by a recruiter after he saw my profile on Linkedin and Viadeo (French platform). Why did he call me and how was he able to do so? First, he had access to enough information that convinced him that my profile was matching his criteria. Then, he had access to my contact information. If he had not been able to call me right away, with my page open right in front of him, I am pretty sure he would just have closed the page without even trying to send me an email.  This is why being public and reachable is essential.

For those of you who created and completed their profiles on professional online networks, here are today’s steps: being public and reachable!

Be public!

Why is “being public” essential? Well, as you know, your Linkedin profile is your online résumé. As long as you add professional relevant information on your profile, why would you want to hide it from other users? This is your chance to show the extent of your potential to recruiters and other professionals, and mostly those with whom you are not connected yet.  Don’t be afraid to show the full content of your profile: this might do the difference in front of the recruiter!

* How do we become public? Very simple!

–          First, click on “Settings” under your name on the top right of the Linkedin page.
–          Then, a page with two frames open. Go to the bottom frame  and click on “Edit your public profile »“ as below:

–          Finally, click on “Make my public profile visible to everyone” as pictured below:

I have to admit that when I started using Linkedin, two years ago, I was displaying only the basics (name, industry, location, number of recommendations). But the more I interacted with people on the platform, the more I realized that keeping an open profile was helping: it was inciting people to get in touch with me. Why? Because people could see right away what we had in common, and what could be a start for discussions. This is the same with recruiters: you want them to wish to start a discussion with you. Well, make sure to check all categories displayed above then! You will see that, pretty often, the more relevant information you share, the more connection requests you get!

Be reachable!

1)      Allow people to see your full name: easier to ask for you.

Candidates don’t like to read job offers without a real contact name. Well, guess what: companies don’t like to read profiles without a real name either. If you’re not under international arrest warrant, why are you hiding? Your first and last names are the two main ingredients defining your civil identity; they are therefore the two first things you should share on a professional network.

* How? On the same bottom frame as the first picture, click on “Edit your name, location & industry »”, right under “Helpful links” and select your full name!

The following steps are manageable from your profile: “Edit your profile”, then click on “Personal Information” down the page:

2)      Include your email address: this is the ultimate contact info!

You can create a specific one if you want: the one to display on your online profiles, which has to be the same on your paper résumé unless you want to confuse recruiters… Prefer addresses such as or, but forget the, not very professional and quickly out of date. What will happen when you will be 22? Will you change it to

3)      Allow people to see your phone number: easier to call you right away.

Always keep in mind that time is everything: picking up the phone will always be quicker than writing an email. If you don’t want recruiters to call you, then I guess finding a job is only a secondary concern…  I assume that you share your phone number on your printed or pdf résumé, then why don’t you share it online? And if you are scared of the first call, don’t pick up and hope for the recruiter to leave a message. Then you’ll have all his/her information, you’ll be able to look at his/her profile and company website and feel more confident when you call him/her back, because you will obviously call everyone back, even if you mean to say “no, thank you”. Recruiters are like you:  they want to receive an answer, even if it is a negative one.

I can understand than sharing personal contact information can be scary. For instance, I wouldn’t share my physical address on the internet as you never know what people could do with it. But a phone number is one of the essentials…

4)      Allow people to see your city, country and time zone.

Again: time is everything. The recruiter does not want to spend precious minutes to find out where you are right now and when is the best time to call you. Make it easy for them! Clearly indicate your time zone and the hours people can call you. It will make it easier for them to contact you, and easier for you to be contacted!

The last steps are manageable from your “Settings”, in the “Email Preferences” section:

5)      Allow people to connect with you: this is the core objective of social media!

Some users do not allow people to connect directly. I guess these people have their reason; but if you are looking for a job, you’d better keep it open! The good thing with connection’s requests is that you still can refuse them if you do not want to be in touch with the person. But the best thing is that therefore anybody can easily reach out for you!

* How? On the same “Settings” page, click on “Email preferences “and then on “Select who can send you invitations”; then, select “Anyone on LinkedIn (Recommended)”:

6)      Say you are open to new connection.

If you are on professional networks, people assume that yes, you’re okay to connect. But saying it will make it more personal. You will be talking to them and inviting them to reach out. A simple line in your description, such as “feel free to contact me, I take the time to respond personally to everyone!” is a nice way to end up your introduction and to start up the discussion! You can also specify your intentions in the “Contact” section at the bottom of your profile.

* How? On the same “Settings” page, click on “Email preferences “and then on “Select who can send you invitations”; then, select “Introductions and InMail”, several opportunities, and finally add a personal note for potential recruiters and peers:

Carefully though: once people contact you, be sure to answer messages promptly. You gave your word, now keep it! If you are always too busy to respond to people, do not offer to get in touch…

I hope these tips will be useful. Stay posted for more tips… coming up next week!


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2 responses to “He saw me. He liked me… He called me!

  1. Transition Marketing

    August 23, 2012 at 12:13 AM

    Very well done! My word, concise, to the point, effective and clearly demonstrated. Very well done. I will be referencing this post to some of my clients and colleagues.

    • Florence Poirel

      August 23, 2012 at 9:10 AM

      Thank you very much! Have you read the first of the series? “Get a job with social media”: I decided to write several articles on Linkedin profiles and how it can benefit users. Five more articles are on their way (one per week).

      Don’t hesistate to send me your feedbacks and to connect on …Linkedin (!

      Also, please feel free to send me topics you would like insights on. I would love to partner with professionals like you on specific topics. Anything that challenges me is more than welcome!

      Have a great day and talk to you soon!


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